Jacob & Co creates Astronomia Sky, a tiny planetarium that fits on the wrist

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky is a blue titanium disc watch adorned with stars and zodiac constellations. A Jacob & Co jewel that perfectly recreates the solar system on the wrist.

Jacob Arabo's personal projects are hidden under the Jacob & Co name. This famous jeweler from the upper class of the United States immigrated to the United States with a family of Bukhara Jews from Uzbekistan when he was young. Arabo rose to prominence among North American clients, primarily in jewelry, although his career in watchmaking is also notable.

Founded in 1986, Jacob & Co watches replica high quality has always been a company closely associated with the phenomenon of sparkle, the jewels are striking, even better with diamonds, and Paris Hilton is one of its most ardent followers . Not surprisingly, Hilton himself is the company's ambassador. But Jacob & Co isn't a company focused on celebrity glitter.

Its headquarters in Switzerland enable some of the most interesting complications in the watch world, all without the need for any diamonds in between. They are very complicated watches, always looking for an element of originality to surprise fans looking for something new. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the company in recent months has launched the Astronomia Sky, a spectacular attempt to transfer the beauty of the sky to the wrist.fake men watches

The size of the box and the openness of its sides are surprising. It has a diameter of 47 mm and a height of 25 mm. Crystals on the side allow you to see the details of the mechanical base: a blue titanium disc adorned with stars and zodiac constellations that make each revolution. Year, which allows you to indicate the fact of the calendar month. On this basis, a cross-shaped device is proposed. One of these axes consists of a three-axis tourbillon (the inner frame rotates at a frequency of 60 seconds and enters the second frame at a frequency of 5 minutes) and an hour counter with hour and minute indications. In the other eye, we find the upright seconds cylinder, opposite it, a jewel engraved with 288 facets of Jacob's patented cut, which rotates by itself in a 60-second rhythm. The entire device rotates around the sphere in turns, completing one revolution every 20 minutes.high quality mens watches

The result is dizzying, the sphere constantly changing its profile, similar to the planetary system that explains the orbits of the planets in our solar system, except it does so on such a small scale. The perpetual movement of the mechanism does not make it difficult to read the time: the counter on which it appears always remains in the same position as the 12-hour index, in the upper position, just like a normal watch. In order not to spoil the aesthetics of the watch, the Astronomia Sky moved the time-setting and charging tools to the bottom of the case, using two separate folding keys for this purpose. It's water-resistant to 30 meters, though many of us doubt anyone would dare to try it. best replica watch site